I found Chalita’s help invaluable in getting me out of a difficult spot; Chalita helped me to identify priorities (in life and work) and focus on them in a way that was most helpful. Would definitely recommend.


In a relaxed and calm environment, Chalita employed a number of NLP techniques, enabling me to explore some deep seated historic issues which, without my knowing have had a profound and largely negative influence on my life. Improvements are already evident and I believe the tools Chalita has taught me will enable me to overcome the issues I have faced for many years.


Chalita has great empathy and natural compassion with which to assist her clients and I would encourage anyone to consider this approach.


Chalita has a valuable and effective style of communication, she is personable and a good listener. The 6 sessions I completed gave me real focus by getting me to think about challenges and goals in my life and how I can overcome obstacles to achieve them.


Having dealt with anxiety, a lack of self worth and a general sense of dread after a traumatic event, I was guided to Chalita. Her ability to really listen and not judge at this difficult time was invaluable. Chalita has a calming presence, an aura that makes you feel at ease and at peace instantly.


Having worked with Chalita for 6 sessions, I am now working for myself! The confidence that these sessions have given me have made me realise that anything is possible. Getting to the root cause of many of my issues and resolving them. Her understanding attitude and empathy made for some fantastic soul-searching.


Chalita listens without judgement or reaction and is able to guide you to refocus on the present and be in the moment. She supports you and gives you tools to help you realign yourself if you are feeling out of balance. Some people are natural healers and Chalita has a gift, I always feel calm, serene, strong enough to carry on and full of hope every time I leave her.


This is a place of not just trust but of true understanding. Such an atmosphere allows for constructive support and positive thinking. Targeted sessions are cause for personal benefit, as well as helpful life coaching ideas and techniques that are fitting for all.